We are an English speaking, but Dutch friendly, Baptist church centrally located in the city of Almere.

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Who We Are

Lighthouse Baptist Church, an English speaking, but Dutch friendly Christian church located in Europe’s fastest growing city of Almere.

We come from many different parts of the world, yet we are centrally united as a Bible believing independent Baptist church.

Our Goals

Our desire is to impact our community and reach our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Through the ministry of LBC, the Lord is making a difference in peoples lives, both here at home in Almere, and around the world.


A church is always about belief. What people believe has tremendous impact on how they live, the things they value and how they find purpose. Everyone believes something. Not all churches believe the same thing and many don’t follow what they say they believe. Lighthouse Baptist Church accepts the Bible to be the Word of God and thus, it is the source of truth and all that we believe.

At Lighthouse Baptist Church we stand without apology on the Bible as our final authority for faith and practice.